White truffles have been central to my family since the early 1900s.

When I first started importing truffles in 2005, few of my clients knew how to distinguish grades of truffles or how to properly handle, store or even work with them. Furthermore, they didn’t even know where Istria was or that it had some of the best premium grade truffles in the world…never mind the best olive oil, honey, wild asparagus, wild mushrooms, wine…to name a few.  Over the years, I took every opportunity to share everything I knew about truffles and other Istrian edibles.  I am fortunate to have family in Istria who dedicate their lives to training truffle dogs, hunting, teaching and working in the production and trade of truffles.  In fact, my cousin is a certified Truffle Sommelier.  This is a fancy title for being a guru in the world of truffles. So when I personally do not know something, I always have the best resource in world of truffles in real time…all of the time.

It’s such a great pleasure to serve you and your family with the rarest culinary treasures in the world.  It is even a greater joy to share the knowledge I have acquired  over the years.

Thank you,

Wanda Srdoc



Want to be a truffle aficionado? 

Want to have a truffle-theme dinner?

Well, we love to educate anyone who wants to learn more about White Truffles, Istria, Croatia and its incredible culinary offerings.

To help you maximize the experience of serving, tasting and sharing truffles with friends, business clients or kitchen staff, we offer specialized and customizable services:

  • Presentations to suit your needs

We provide a broad range of accurate, up-to date and informative speaking engagements from large formal group to small intimate engagements.

  • Truffle menu consultations

Want to have a romantic dinner for two or a gourmet party for 100 of your closest friends?  We can help you create the perfect truffle tasting meal from starter to dessert, including wine pairings by a certified sommelier.

  • Full-service Catering

Need everything taken care of?  Our Executive Chef specializes in Croatian fine foods with truffles at the top of his best creations list.   Our exceptional private collection of Croatian wines and spirits can be uncorked at the start of your occasion and carried through until the last person leaves.

Please contact: for all inquires.

A few happy client comments:

“The way Wanda engages you into the rich and exciting world of Istrian White Truffles just adds to the joy of an already enjoyable occasion.”


Jim Cameron, Cameron and Associates

“Her presentation was fun, interactive and really opened our eyes to the fascinating history, culture and economy of the white truffle trade.   It made for an unforgettable and awesome evening for my clients.”

Paul Gama, Reckitt Benckiser

“Before our truffle meal was served, Wanda showed us a golf-ball sized white truffle.  Wow! Most of us had never seen one before.  She graciously and competently answered all questions from the dinner guests until the chef served us our first course.”


Greg Stevenson, Rogers Communications

“The best part of my job is providing interesting and important facts about the world of white truffles.  White truffle season is so short and white truffles are so incredibly delicate and rare that the more you know about these precious tubers, the more you will appreciate and celebrate their unique colours, smells, shapes and flavours”.


Wanda Srdoc

Fine Food


For close to 10 years, White Truffles have built a reputation for being a RELIABLE supplier of the finest, premium grade truffle product to top-end restaurants, specialty food stores and private clients.

We specialise in importing fresh and preserved wild white and black truffles from Istria, Croatia.   All fresh truffles and ingredients in our preserved product from olive oil to malvasia grapes are locally sourced from our family property and the outlining Motovun Forest.

Personal service, expert product knowledge and excellent communication is what’s sets us apart in the Fine Food industry.

We are always trying to exceed expectations no matter what the order or occasion.

Quality and Authenticity is our only way of doing business and our guarantee.

We exclusively supply natura tartufi preserved products – sourced and prepared on our property with pride.