What is the Bespoke Experience Gift set?2022-09-12T03:11:55+00:00

ONE-OF-A-KIND gift created by YOU from our premium starter sets or Á La Carte from our Little Luxe Shop. Our intuitive catalogue is designed to have you select from exclusive, elevated, and curated gourmet foods from acclaimed chefs, artisans, and producers and a selection of premium alcohol/non- alcohol beverages, quality glassware, professional-grade barware products, and numerous branding options to complete your signature and personalized gift.

What separates you from other gifting companies?2022-09-12T23:41:00+00:00

Apart from having access to the finest truffles in the world as your stand-out gift, we make the process of ordering Gourmet-Luxury-Bespoke-Gifts EASY from start to finish. We are a ONE-STOP company for exclusive sourcing, in- house graphics, and branding to fulfillment -PLUS – We are experienced specialists in the fine foods and premium drink industries. We are at the pulse of upcoming innovations, sustainability, new products, and sourcing of the best ingredients used by acclaimed chefs, mixologists, and sommeliers. We believe our customers deserve the very best and we know that your gift recipient does as well. Gourmet, luxury, and stand-out gifts are wonderful surprises and positively connect you to your gift recipients. We make exceptional gifting easy, transparent, and gratifying every step of the process.

What is the turnaround time for an order?2022-09-12T23:41:43+00:00

Orders under 50 units are typically on a 21–45-day fulfillment schedule. For orders over 50 units, we will require up to approximately 30-90 days to complete. Larger orders and specific requests will be reviewed on a per order basis. We work efficiently to complete your orders big or small in a timely fashion. For weather-related, seasonal, and rush orders, we will suggest a buffer for deliverables.

What is the price point?2022-09-12T23:42:27+00:00

The starting point for many Bespoke Experience Gift sets starts under $100 pre-tax. We offer additional items and branding elements to enhance your gift. Our intuitive gift calculator helps you select the optimal gift for your budget.

Is there a minimum order required?2022-09-12T23:43:02+00:00

Yes, there is a minimum quantity of 12 units per gift. In the case of certain branding options, the minimum will be higher. Once you have selected your specific branding requests, we will confirm your minimums.

Can I select different gift sets to meet the minimum requirement of 12 units?2022-09-12T23:46:00+00:00

We will review your request on a per order basis. If we can accommodate, we will certainly do a mix of different gift sets.

Are there any items/products that can be added to the gift set?2022-09-12T03:18:26+00:00

Yes, when you select our Concierge feature, you can outline your desired wishes and we are happy to work with you to source and include any additional products. We will make every effort to include corporate inserts, gift cards, and other small items. However, we will review each request on a per-item basis. A supplementary fulfillment charge will be applied.

Do you offer volume discounts?2022-09-12T03:19:18+00:00

Larger orders and specific items will have volume discounts offered. We will review on a per-order basis. Most items over 100 units will have discounts apart from alcohol and fresh truffles.

What is your shipping policy?2022-09-12T03:20:26+00:00

We offer flat fee shipping on each experience. Once you provide us with your ship-to addresses, we will inform you of the prices. There is a nominal additional handling fee by the courier for alcohol per mailing address plus applicable taxes.

What is your return policy?2022-09-12T03:22:10+00:00

Due to the customized nature of this product, we are not able to accept returns once the order is placed.

Do you ship across Canada? Internationally?2022-09-12T03:22:53+00:00

Due to liquor regulations, we can only ship these gifts within Canada. If you have a specific gifting request without alcohol outside of Canada, we will review the possibility and best methods for shipping.

What is your payment process?2022-09-12T03:23:30+00:00

We require a 50% deposit once the order is placed with the remaining balance due 48 hours prior to shipping.

Why do you not list specific brands for many of your items?2022-09-12T03:26:37+00:00

Each order is curated to meet your budget, requests, and the most currently available, freshest, in-demand items at the time of your selections. We are industry experts in the categories listed and we will only suggest the finest products for you. We welcome connecting with you to ensure our selections are the very best for you and your gift recipients.

Can our own wines/spirits be sent and included?2022-09-12T03:28:01+00:00

YES – you are welcome to add this request within our Concierge Service. We can accommodate most requests. A damage waiver and a supplementary fulfillment charge will be applied.

What is the area defined for local-perishable deliveries in Toronto-GTA?2022-09-12T03:32:11+00:00

Areas defined and approved for the purposes of perishable inclusions within the Toronto-GTA are as follows: Oakville-Mississauga-Brampton to the West. King City North to Whitby – East.

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