From Forest to Table is basically how we do it!

All of our truffle offerings are wild and collected by professionally trained and very happy truffle dogs in a sustainable method to keep the forest healthy and vibrant. To place a wholesale order, please contact


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The Tuber magnatum pico is arguably the greatest culinary treasure found beneath our feet in the rich soil and clay composites of Istrian and Alba’s forests. It is a tremendous pleasure to share the best of the best from mother nature during the white truffle season (late September – mid-January). There is nothing comparable to its taste, aroma and composition. It only grows in the wild in very specific regions and conditions. We work with direct sources to ensure the handling of these precious tubers are at a minimum. Our speciality is the white and our reputation is finding some of the largest and finest white truffles in the world. We have 4 generations of family in the truffle trade and truffle dog training to prove it! When you invest in this rare truffle, make sure you have the freshest, best quality and from a reliable supplier


The Tuber melanosporum – aka “Perigord” Truffle, is the second most expensive truffles next to the pricer Whites. This truffle was and continues to be widely popular among the greatest culinary professional for both its intoxicating properties and its versatility in the kitchen. Unlike the white truffle, these hardy winter black can work well as a raw garnish or as an application within a cooked dish. The season for these rich tasting beauties is marked by a colder climate in the European regions where they are sourced (mid-December to March). The dark velvety interior that is streaked with white veins evoke a sensuality and is often referred to as an aphrodisiac. We are fortunate to source only wild winter blacks from reputable hunters who take great pride in their finds as we do in sharing them with you. We only supply fresh and wild winter blacks.


The Tuber uncinatum grows in similar places as the tuber magnatum pico and in similar seasons (September -January). Although they are subterranean, you can sometimes find them in a truffle-laden forest peaking out around the perimeter of trees. The Autumn black truffle has a delicious “nutty” taste that makes it indispensable in the kitchen. It’s versatility in use and ease of storage is a gratifying choice. It ranks as third of highest quality and most revered truffles, making it the most affordable and best for experimenting for the home cook. As with all of our truffles, we only source the best, wild and fresh from a most reliable source – our family.


My Cousin Danielle Puh holding a perfectly intact white truffle weighing just under 1kg (1000g).

Over the past 5 years, my family at Natura Tartufi has been awarded local and national awards of recognition for finding the largest top-grade WHITE TRUFFLES during the fresh season. Our good fortunate comes from a combination of ideal climate and soil in our truffle forests, the care and attention we bring to training and hunting with dogs, the skill and commitment to hunting in a sustainable method and of course a sprinkle of truffle luck from mother nature. A average truffle weighs between 10g – 40g and the size of ping pong ball.