Wanda Srdoc


White Truffles started in 2005 as a small seasonal business that sought to bring the freshest and best quality white truffles to the Toronto market – which at the time was sorely lacking in both quality and choices. Founder, Wanda Srdoc came from a brand and marketing background and with her immense appreciation for sustainably sourced quality foods and personal love of truffles, she knew it was time to build a world-class truffle supply along with high quality chemical-free truffle preserves to this vibrant and growing market. Wanda knew that she could bring the very best direct from her family who live in the heart of the truffle forest in Istria, Croatia and through them with their presence in the truffle trade from other regions such as Italy and France. She also saw that their unwavering commitment to only supplying top quality and authentic products matched her own work ethic and direction.


Beginning in the early 1930s, her family’s knowledge and passion for truffles developed over the decades. Today it stands as a highly respected international business known for sourcing only top grade seasonal wild truffles, discovering the largest white truffles within a season, rehabilitating and training high performance truffle dogs, continuously creating innovative and award-winning truffle preserves and offering specialty events, truffle hunting and unforgettable culinary experiences.


Wanda’s love for her own city of Toronto and love of her familial roots in both Italy and Istria, Croatia made her determined to connect them both in the most positive way. Wanda sought to provide Torontonians with the most factual and accurate truffle knowledge and the best and most reliable supply of wild, authentic truffles. She began offering truffle themed events that were accessible and great value to anyone who was curious to experience quality and fresh flown in truffles. She continues to extend the reach of the most revered culinary dishes to the masses with fun and interactive supperclub events, creative and tasty DIY truffle cooking-classes, truffle-themed gift sets and most recently, culinary and truffle-themed travel to Croatia.

Over the decades, Wanda expanded her company to the greater Toronto GTA and eventually Canada. She has a genuine curiosity for the creative and adores observing it in fine dining kitchens across the country and world. Wanda respects the hard-work, resilience, innovation and passion of her clients. These qualities only fuel her to be the same and to never compromise quality over quantity.

Wanda has received several accolades for her passion, innovation and commitment to the fine food industry.

Just a few…
Recipient of Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 – Canadian Croatian Chambre of Commerce, Truffle Specialist Guest Instructor for Culinary Arts Level 1 – George Brown College 2013 and Guest Judge for the 2018 Italian Chambre of Commerce’s Pentola D’Oro Awards Ceremony which recognizes outstanding work in the Italian culinary and beverage industry.

But in all honesty – her favorite is that she graduated from being called the “Truffle Girl of Toronto” at the beginning of her career to “Truffle Lady of Toronto”.


She continues to grow her business with the merging of her love for city and country to the love she has of family and her family roots. In 2017, Wanda started offering gourmet-truffle-hunt travel experiences and corporate travel retreats to her family’s region in Istria, Croatia. As a client one said: “It is sublime decadence wrapped up in food, drink and fitness.” Okay, she loves to work in some exercise during these culinary trips if only to ensure fitting into clothes that were packed for the trip. You do need to check out her latest group travel adventures to the beautiful medieval hilltop cities, wineries and truffle forests of Istria.


Wanda is a mother of 2 truffle-loving girls. At the FINAL FINAL stages of pregnancy of her first-born, a fresh white truffle package just arrived for an important event. Knowing how delicate and short-lived these tubers were and that many excited people were waiting, she pleaded with her anxious husband to drive to the event and delivery these truffles prior to going to the hospital. When her husband appeared in the busy kitchen during the busiest time of the day – lunch service, the chef glared at him suspiciously and gave him a bit of a hard time until he had a chance to explain his timing and Wanda’s absence. From that came an immense gratitude and a large bag of food plus her husband’s promise to name the child after the client if it turned out to be a boy. Good thing it was a girl and great thing that Wanda made it in perfect time to have a happy and healthy baby! Now that’s service – but as both her and her husband concur – “Never to be repeated!”



White Truffles have built a reputation for being a RELIABLE Supplier of the very best Fresh and Preserved Truffles – No Exception. Sustainably sourcing, only the finest, wild, top grade fresh and preserve truffles are hand selected for delivery to top-end restaurants, specialty food stores and private clients.

  • Personal service, confidentiality, expert product knowledge and excellent communication is what sets us apart in the Fine Food industry.
  • We are always trying to exceed expectations no matter the order or occasion.
  • Quality and Authenticity is our only way of doing business and our guarantee.
  • We are innovators continuing to strive for the best culinary experiences
  • We are earth-warriors – working in harmony with nature and working with the clean agriculture and small-batch methods for creating artisanal, pure, wild and local preserves that are good for you and the planet.