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    A stand-out gift for a truly upscale Truffle Mac-N-Cheese Dining-In Experience.   
    Did you know that WHITE TRUFFLES are considered the most coveted and expensive ingredient in the culinary world?  Only found in the wild and in select European forests, by highly trained truffle hunting dogs, these rare truffles boast a rich earthy-floral and garlicky taste and aroma which transcend any dish into memorable event.

    Your gift recipient will enjoy the finest truffles in the world which are perfectly preserved, wild and contain only natural ingredients for a clean and refined taste.   Lovingly and expertly prepared by world-renowned truffle hunters and purveyors, Pietro&Pietro since 1932.  A brand exclusive to White Truffles and exclusive to the most respected professional kitchen around the globe.

    Included in this elegant set, is an exclusive and no-fuss Truffle Recipe for 4pp along with all the essential ingredients to create a professional chef “worthy” creamy truffle cheese-based pasta.   

    Contents include:

    • Pietro & Pietro Salt with White Truffle (35g)
    • Pietro & Pietro White Truffle Cream Sauce (80g)
    • Organic Penne Pasta  (500g)
    • Exclusive Kitchen-tested and kitchen tasted No-Fuss Truffle Recipe Card

    Complete to this upscale dining set with a perfectly paired wine and accoutrements from our Little Luxe Shop

    Ships across Canada